Hans Fleischner

Welcome to my website!

1948 First Serious Look At The World. 1964-67 School of Photography in  Vienna. 1968-71 New York, Mexico City, Chicago.         Life really starts here. Working for various Film and Photo Studios and photographing at the Fillmore East. 1972-74 Working for Austrian Airlines in Vienna. Spending as much time as possible flying around the world, photographing, meeting people and setting up exhibitions. 1975-95 Moving to Tokyo. Living Photography to the fullest. Exploring every aspect of Photography.  Thanks to technology, going beyond it, like developing new ways of textile designs. Starting to teach Photography in 1980.                      

Introducing Learning English through Photography with the support of Polaroid. Extensive Exhibition Activities in Galleries of Nikon, Fuji Film, Polaroid and literally countless Photography and Contemporary Art Galleries. 

1995-... Continuing my work in Europe and thanks to the Internet, Worldwide.

There is plenty more to tell and that is why I am introducing my work in a new way, to make it possible for us to meet.

Thanks, See Ya and Cheers.